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For every vote you'll receive 50 Coins and 1 vote point. There are 3 voting sites that means you can get up to 150 Coins and 3 voting points daily. The top 3 voters each month, will receive money to spend in the store. The money prizes are shown in the chart below.
Prize board
WARNING: In case more users have the same amount of voting points, random 3 users with the highest amount of voting points will be chosen (one will receive 1st place reward, one 2nd and one 3rd).

How to vote?

Click on the block down below. You'll be redirected to a voting website, enter your username and submit your vote.

How to claim the top voter rewards?

Every month the top voters will be announced in our Discord server (in the #announcements channel). If you're one of them you'll receive a private message from one of the staff members.

Top Voters (this month)

Top Voter
Larsson_04 84 votes
# Username Votes
2 vurli vurli 48
3 DarkAstroDoctor DarkAstroDoctor 33
4 AnanasKillaura AnanasKillaura 19
5 jonmarinko jonmarinko 16
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