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In order to get full access to our Discord server, you'll need to verify your account. Verifying is basically hooking/linking your Minecraft account to our Discord server. Another cool thing about verification is that your ranks & data will be synced with the Minecraft server.
Before verifying your account, please read the discord rules at

Verifying your account

  1. Join our Discord server
  2. Connect to the server (
  3. Enter the command /discordverify
  4. You'll receive a secret. Copy it. (NEVER EVER SHARE IT)
  5. Send !verify %secret% to CVbot.
Yaaay, you're now verified.

Unlinking/unverifying your account

To unlink/unverify your account just leave the Cubeverse Discord server.


If you've recently upgraded your account, been promoted or changed your Minecraft username we would highly recommend you to sync your Minecraft settings with Discord's. You can do that by sending !sync to CVbot.