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Every user can create a free account on our website. With an account you can change your description, add social networks view your stats and more. Even though passwords are hashed, we do not recommend using the same password as for your Minecraft account or any other website. You are responsible for your own security.
Before registering, please read the website rules at

Creating an account on the website.

To create an account/profile on the website you first need to register in-game.
  1. Connect to the server (
  2. Execute this command: /register "password" "confirm-passwod"
  3. You can now login to the website. (username: minecraft-name, password: chosen-password)
In case you forget your password do the same steps with the /changepassword "new-password" "confirm-new-password" command.

I have an account, but what now?

Controlling/using the account is extremely simple. When you log in it will say "Logged in as %username%" on the right side of the navbar. Clicking on it will open a dropdown as seen below:
Dropdown design
Profile - opens your profile
Settings - opens the settings (here you can change description, add social networks etc)
Reports - allows you to report bugs or players. More about reporting can be read here:
Logout - logs you out of your account